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Weld Mount

Weld Mount AT-6030 Metal Bond Adhesive [6030]

Weld Mount AT-6030 Metal Bond Adhesive [6030]

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Acrylic Adhesive

AT-6030 is a 10 to 1 metal bonding adhesive. It has high viscosity and cures in 10 - 12 minutes, has a 6 minute working time and develops working strength in 40 minutes. AT-6030 develops in excess of 2,500 lbs (psi) tensile strength on most metal surfaces making it an ideal alternative to welding in many applications. AT-6030 has a 6 month shelf life and should always be stored refrigerated. Packaged in a 38ml cartridge this adhesive must be used with our AT-301gun, AT-12 plunger and and AT-650 mixing tips. The 38ml cartridge will bond 80 - 120 parts.

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