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24 Inch Under Counter LOW-E Glass Door Beer Fridge

24 Inch Under Counter LOW-E Glass Door Beer Fridge

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Experience Tranquility and Efficiency: Our 24-Inch Wide Beer Fridge boasts Low-E glass, an inverter compressor, and 40% energy savings for whisper-quiet operation. 

Introducing our captivating 24-inch-wide beer fridge, meticulously designed for the American market. This fridge is a space-saving marvel, featuring concealed hinges and front ventilation. Whether integrated into a custom cabinet design or standing independently, its visual appeal is undeniable.

Driven by an advanced Embraco inverter compressor, this model operates with a serene hush while delivering exceptional energy efficiency, resulting in a 40% reduction in power consumption. The double-layer tempered glass door employs Low-E glass technology, effectively filtering out harmful UV rays and offering the added benefit of condensation reduction.

With four chromed steel shelves, our under-counter beer fridge accommodates an ample capacity of up to 161 cans of beer or other beverages. It's the ideal choice for both households and restaurants, catering to all your cooling requirements. Don't miss out on the KBU145BX model of our glass door beer fridge, available for order today from KingsBottle USA. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of tranquility and energy savings for your beverage storage solution.

Seamless Integration with Cabinetry: Our front-venting fridge is perfect for built-in cabinetry. For optimal installation, allow an additional 0.5 inches (20mm) of clearance on all sides and above the unit. These extra spaces ensure efficient placement, allow room for the door when opened, and protect power cords from damage.

Key Features
Inverter Compressor
Top brand Embraco Inverter Compressor.
Super quiet and reduces energy consumptions by 40%.

Patented sink of compressor
Increases the air circulation space around the compressor, better cooling performance, less vibration, less noise.

45mm Thickness C-Pantane
Thicker foam helps save energy consumption and optimize cooling performance.

Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System
Ensure temperature uniformity in the cabinet.
Compensates for air humidity.

Activated Carbon Filter
Effectively filters impurities in the air while keeping the air in the cabinet fresh

Low-E Glass*
Reduce energy consumption.
Less condensation on the glass door.

LED Display Digital Touchpad Control
Simple and easy to operate;
Clear and accurate. 

Magnetic Switch
Aggressive light control
2 minutes door open alarm

Hidden Door Hinge
Laminated steel plate, integrated molding;
Full Built-in Design.

Seamless S/S Door Frame
Artistic appearance.
Thin door design

* Low E glass has a thin coating on one side of the glass that acts like an invisible insulating barrier for a refrigerator. This reduces the conduction of heat or cold through the glass, helping to reduce energy consumption and reduce condensation on the glass door.
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