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Egis 60A Panel Mount Circuit Breaker - 285 Series [4706-060]

Egis 60A Panel Mount Circuit Breaker - 285 Series [4706-060]

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60A Panel Mount Circuit Breaker - 285 Series

This 60A Egis panel mount circuit breaker protects electrical circuits from short-circuit events and over-current loads, preventing wire insulation overheating and subsequent destruction.


  • Automatic circuit protection and manual on/off switching combine dual functionality in one reliable and compact solution
  • Allows for circuit isolation and maintenance of load circuits by providing convenient switching and integral circuit protection capable of mounting adjacent to battery systems regardless of the location


  • Sealed against dust and water intrusion to ensure reliable circuit protection for the life of the electrical system installation 
  • High Voltage (48 Vdc) Rating - easily supports 12 and 24 Vdc applications while offering improved protection for 36 and 48 Vdc systems rather than using fuses.
  • High Electrical / Manual Switching Endurance delivers 6,000 cycles at full current
  • High Interrupt Current - safely protects circuits connected to large paralleled battery banks with significant available power
  • 4-Year Warranty - Egis stands behind its product's ability to meet the user's needs


  • Continuous Current Amps: 60
  • Max Voltage: 48
  • Cycling Endurance: 6,000
  • Interrupt Current @16 VDC (Amps): 5,000
  • Interrupt Current @28 VDC (Amps): 3,000
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67

Focal Features:

ON/OFF High Visibility Controls

Sealed against dust and moisture penetration. The high-temperature rating for all installation locations.

Panel Mount Flange

Provides rear/front panel installation options.

Stainless Steel Hardware / KEPS Locking Nuts

Corrosion and vibration resistance for harsh environment applications.

Proudly Made in the USA

Made in the USA of high-quality components.

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