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Newmar SS Switch - 3 AC Selector Switch [SS SWITCH3]

Newmar SS Switch - 3 AC Selector Switch [SS SWITCH3]

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SS Switch - 3 AC Selector Switch

This AC source selector switch is an essential item for any vessel with an on-board AC generator and/or inverter. By isolating power source inputs, the switch eliminates the safety hazard and/or damage that can occur if two AC sources are applied to the same circuit simultaneously.

The switch is fitted with a compact escutcheon plate with engraved switch position nomenclature.

The switches carry cUL approval, are CE-marked, and feature heavy-duty contacts and a positive step cam mechanism for low-resistance contact closure. 


  • May be rear-mounted in a panel with a thickness up to 1/4”


  • Amperage @ 115/230V: 30  
  • Number of Poles: 2
  • Switch Positions: 2 + “OFF”
  • Standard Plate Markings: SHIP-OFF-SHORE    
  • Depth Dimensions: 2-1/8 in.
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