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Ravenscroft Classics Vintage Port Glass (Set of 4)

Ravenscroft Classics Vintage Port Glass (Set of 4)

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The tight bowl and tall chimney of the Ravenscroft Classics Vintage Port glass is perfectly tuned to buffer the high alcohol attack and showcase the delicious concentrated fruit of fine Vintage Port wines. The Ravenscroft Vintage Port glass is made of the finest and most brilliant lead-free crystal, hand-blown by old-world European craftsman. The sheer rim delivers a whisper-like feel and helps to deliver the wine to the front and sides of the palate.

Recommended Wine Varieties: Colheita, Late Bottled Vintage Port, Madeira, Tawny Port, Vino Santo, Vintage Port

Height: 6.75" | Capacity: 8.5 ounces

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