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Ravenscroft Classics Loire/Sauvignon Blanc Glass (Set of 4)

Ravenscroft Classics Loire/Sauvignon Blanc Glass (Set of 4)

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The Ravenscroft Classics Loire/Sauvignon Blanc glass is unmatched in its ability to amplify the bouquet of Sauvignon Blanc varietal wines. The wide bowl and tight chimney concentrate the pure and precise bouquets of high-perfume whites to their full potential, amplifying their delicate, fresh perfumes. Handcrafted in Europe of the finest lead-free crystal, this glass is a must-have for white wine enthusiasts.

Recommended Wine Varieties: White Bordeaux, Chenin Blanc, Fume Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Pouilly-Fume, Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

Height: 8.75" | Capacity: 12 ounces

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