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Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter

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Handcrafted by the most dedicated European craftsmen, the Ravenscroft Taylor Decanter is produced from ancient mineral deposits free of impurities and adorned with a mouth-blown bubble design at its base, representing Ravenscroft's utmost respect for the skilled art of glassblowing. Our most popular design of distiller decanters, the Taylor Decanter has a flared spout to prevent spillage. Only a few glassblowers are skilled enough to add this mouth-blown bubble decoration, so quantities are limited and can run out at anytime. Get your Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter today!

Handmade. Lead-free. Hand wash only.

Height: 10.5" | Width: 5" | Capacity: 35 ounces

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